Carcés and Caramy Falls

A Carcès walk posted on 15/04/14 by squale1953. Update : 02/05/17

This hike will visit the village of Carcés, Carcés Lake and the splendid Caramy Falls. Best in the spring when the water flow is stronger.
You also will take a part of the path of Saint Jacques de Compostela.

Technical sheet
Calculated time Calculated time: 4h20[?]
Distance Distance : 13.13km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 252m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 252m
Highest point Highest point : 300m
Lowest point Lowest point : 135m
Average Difficulty : Average
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Carcès (83570)
Starting point Starting point : N 43.475513° / E 6.18163°
Map IGN Map (Click to buy) : Ref. 3444OT
Vue du Lac Village Le lac et le canal Les chutes du Caramy


(S) Park your vehicle in the the car park in the centre of Carcés, on Rue Giraud Florentin on the D13, in front of the "Louis Pasteur” retirement home.

The start of the hike is between two houses, a small very narrow passage located above the retirement home, to the left heading uphill. A small wash-basin marks the starting point.
Continue 20 m in this passage and turn left.
Head through the basement level of the retirement home following the canal.
Continue onwards following the canal. Great views over the rooftops of Carcés.
Pass both trails on the left and reach the "Chemin de St. Jaume" (1).
Turn left on this road, pass the trail to the right then one to the left and reach an intersection (2).
Fork left. There is a chapel on your left-hand side. Follow this road to get to the Notre Dame chapel (3).
Turn right on the road down, an apiary (built into the wall) is on your right in the undergrowth.
Turn right again and walk this road with Caramy below on the left. Go straight, passing the trail to the right to reach a house on your left (4).
Take an immediate right, the trail that rises and sinks into the forest, ignore the path on the left (14: continuing straight along the canal for 20 m and cross the canal)5(. Take the trail that goes left towards)6::. Continue straight ahead.
To the junction with a track (7), turn left then 20 m further on turn right on the path that climbs up. At the next junction, turn right. Arrive at a big track, 30 m further on at point (8) turn right.
Journeying on this track for 400 m to the intersection with a paved road, the "Route du Lac." Turn right on this road with views of the lake. Continue on this road, pass by the first path on the right and 10 m further up pass the path to the right which does not appear on the IGN map, to go to the magnificent view of the Brauch rock, 50 m above. ::9
Retrace your steps back to the road to the right.
Down this road and turn left on Chemin du Lac (10). At the next crossing turn right and then left to get to the car park.
Picnic area on the banks of the lake.
Follow the path to the lake that runs along the banks and pass by all roads to the left to reach the dam.
After the dam, continue on this road and take the first path (11) heading to Caramy on the the right hand side.
Crossing the beginning of the small irrigation canal, turn right on a small path to approach the beautiful waterfalls (12).
Take the path that runs along the small canal that runs through the meadows.
Meet the paved road (13), continue straight ahead always following the canal.
Arriving at the intersection, at point (14), turn right and take the route in reverse to reach Carcés.

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. km 0
1 : km 1.04 - alt. km 1.04 - Intersection with Chemin de St. Jaume.
2 : km 1.32 - alt. km 1.32 - Intersection. Fork left.
3 : km 1.66 - alt. km 1.66 - Notre Dame chapel.
4 : km 2.23 - alt. km 2.23 - Building. 90 degree turn to the right. Turn right.
5 : km 2.37 - alt. km 2.37 - small bridge over the canal
6 : km 2.55 - alt. km 2.55 - Straight ahead
7 : km 2.91 - alt. km 2.91 - Intersection with a path. Left and then right.
8 : km 3.82 - alt. km 3.82 - Intersection with a big track. Turn right
9 : km 4.53 - alt. km 4.53 - The Rocher du Brauch
10 : km 5.18 - alt. km 5.18 - Intersection with Chemin du Lac. Turn left.
11 : km 9.18 - alt. km 9.18 - Leave the road
12 : km 9.37 - alt. km 9.37 - Beginning of the small canal. The Caramy falls.
13 : km 10.51 - alt. km 10.51 - intersection with asphalt road. Straight ahead
14 : km 10.81 - alt. km 10.81 - junction with the return path
D/A : km 13.13 - alt. km 13.13

Informations pratiques

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Visit Carces

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