Sainte-Anne Chapel in Claviers

A Claviers walk posted on 25/01/16 by andréh. Update : 09/05/16

Ascent to the Sainte-Anne Chapel, located 624 m above sea level on the western summit of the Plateau du Puy, passing by the ruins of a Ligurian oppidum. Easy hike in the Provence scrubland and forest (thyme, lavender, rock rose...)

Technical sheet
Calculated time Calculated time: 2h00[?]
Distance Distance : 3.36mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 627ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 620ft
Highest point Highest point : 2257ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 1637ft
Easy Difficulty : Easy
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Area Area : Alps
Location Location : Claviers (83830)
Starting point Starting point : N 43.604447° / E 6.569823°


Start: At the end of Chemin de Sainte-Anne, at the ONF fence below the Claviers water tower.

(S/F) Pass through the fence and follow asphalt road for 500 m to reach a first intersection where the paved portion ends.

(1) Do not follow the signposts (the direct route leading to the chapel) but instead take the track that climbs to the right (east) for 1.1 km and arrives at a tank at a crossroads.

(2) Turn left uphill (north) where the trail makes two loops and continues for 1 km to reach a sign on the right (for the oppidum).

(3) Head up on the right following the old Blue markings on the relatively well-marked trail. Enter the camp, it is unfortunately very damaged and poorly maintained at the time of writing. Head through it if you want and find the way home to the north-west that leads through the forest to the main track (take care: the Blue markings on trees are sometimes hard to spot because the route is very old and degraded by animals scraping at the bark).

Back on the track, turn right (Blue markings) and continue for about 100 m to get to crossroads.

(4) Leave the Blue markings that descend to the left and veer right (Yellow markings), pass a cistern and reach a crossroads of tracks (about 1.2 km).

(5) Turn right and reach the chapel (150 m). Take a moment here to admire the building, the views of Bargemon and the Col du Bel Homme north. Note the courtyard (south side), a suitable place to stop for views of the village.

Head back out through the gate of the court and move down the grassy courtyard to find the path down with Yellow markings headed south-west (6).

Note a little further down, before the turn, the size of the pine felled on the right and reach, after 200 metres, another trail coming from the left.

Then descend 500 m which leads back to the beginning (D/A).

Waypoints :
D/A : mi 0 - alt. mi 0
1 : mi 0.35 - alt. mi 0.35 - Intersection, turn right on the track (east)
2 : mi 1.09 - alt. mi 1.09 - Crossing, water tank, turn left (north)
3 : mi 1.71 - alt. mi 1.71 - Turn right to the oppidum
4 : mi 2.01 - alt. mi 2.01 - Turn right (Yellow markings)
5 : mi 2.76 - alt. mi 2.76 - Head right towards the chapel
6 : mi 2.95 - alt. mi 2.95 - End of the court, start of the Yellow-marked trail
D/A : mi 3.36 - alt. mi 3.36

Useful Information

(1) Option to shorten the climb to the intersection and turn left onto the road ahead at the crossroads (5).

Optional start point at the village (car park) but more asphalt roads.

Avoid the climb during hot weather as it mostly runs due south.

Very accessible for children as you will be staying on main tracks, safe except beside the chapel.

Avoid the climb to the oppidum and especially the return through the forest if you are not a confident navigator or do not feel confident that you will be able to spot the faded markings.

• Only take the path in the seasons allowed! Check in advance whether the forests are open, especially in the summer. (See website of the Var prefecture).

We advise taking IGN maps with you on this walk. Click here to buy : 3543OT.

Click here to see how to reach the starting point.

Hikideas and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

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During the walk or to do/see around

Chapelle Sainte-Anne: the facade has a Roman-style entrance and an oculus. The impressive facade is crowned by two fine rows of "Genoese” tiles.
Beautiful courtyard to the south.

The villages of Haut Var.

The old town of Claviers

The church and the chapel of Saint-Sylvestre (built in 1026).

The oppidum is unfortunately not well-maintained and only the ruins of the outer walls remain, and too many trees hide its true size and splendour...

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